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Wanting to Improve Facial Scars, Wrinkles, or Minimize Large Pores?

Palomer Icon Aesthetic System

The fractionated Palomar 1540 XD is a medical Laser used to improve acne scars, wrinkling, and textural concerns in the skin.

WHO is a good candidate?

People who do not have active acne, any skin infections and/or skin disease, and an overall healthy lifestyle to promote good healing.

WHAT can I expect during and after treatment?

During treatment, the skin will slowly heat from underneath the skins surface. It may feel like little warm pins from the inside out. After treatment, you can expect to be red and slightly “puffy” as the heat creates mild swelling to induce a healing response that in turn, will stimulate new collagen and smooth the skins surface.

WHEN will I be able to have this treatment?

The first step is to book a consultation with the Doctor and a Medical Aesthetician so they can go over your concerns, review your medical history, and make a decision on whether this treatment is best for you. If approved, a series of treatments are booked. 4-6 treatments, one month apart is “standard” protocol.

WHERE are the treatments performed?

In our medical aesthetics rooms here at our Centre that are fully equipped with professional grade zimmers (fans) for optimal patient comfort.

HOW do I prepare for this treatment?

Avoid topical medications that may exfoliate or thin the skin, such as all retinols. Make sure you are at your fairest fair: no tanning! Do not wax or use any depilatory creams before treatment. Avoid AHA’s, BHA’s and all other exfoliations. Do hydrate! Use lots of oil free moisturizers and drink lots of water. All of these preparations are applicable 2 weeks before each treatment.

WHY choose the Palomar 1540 Fractionated Treatment over the many fractionated devices out there?

It is the most effective, safe, and has the most minimal downtime of the therapies offered today. All of our devices are operated by medical professionals with many years of hands-on experience and the most updated certifications available. So rest assured, you are in good hands.

Contact us today to book your consultation at 613-521-3223 or mailbox@face.ca

Jennifer, Medical Aesthetician

Jennifer M. Randell – Medical Aesthetician/Laser Technician

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