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Removing Red Facial Vessels Is Easier Than You Think!

By February 16, 2012 Cosmetic, Face, Laser, Skin One Comment

With the advanced technology used here at the Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa, you can remove unsightly facial vessels and lessen the red discoloration in your skin. With only a few treatments from our Intense Pulsed Light device (medical grade – not “spa” grade) you can have an even and brighter complexion.

The color of light used and the heat from the device is attracted to the “red” color in the skin and in the vessels. It will dry out the blood inside the tiny vessels forcing them to collapse and vanish. The damaged vessels will safely and naturally be absorbed by the body. These vessels are not needed by the body, they are just visible damage in the skin which is adding to your “skin’s age” unnecessarily.

When people think of “aging”, wrinkles and sagging comes to mind, but age prematurely shows in a discoloration of skin tone. It will surprise you to see how many years can be taken away when you remove the red!


Jennifer M. Randell – Medical Aesthetician, Laser Technician & Make-up Artist

613 521 3223 | mailbox@face.ca | ottawafacialsurgery.com


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