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Photorejuvenation: What to Expect

Palomar Cosmetic Laser

Are you always covering up brown spots, redness or capillaries?

We offer an amazing treatment that will even out skin tone and give you a clear and radiant complexion.

First thing you need to do is give us a call and book a consultation with either Dr. Antoniak or Dr. Bonaparte to review your candidacy for the IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) rejuvenation treatments. You will have your skin analyzed by one of our medical aestheticians and we can the advise you as to when to start and what things to avoid prior to the treatment such as recent sun exposure, self tanners, and certain medications. On the day of the treatment we will have you read through a consent form, fill out a medical history form and a skin typing chart. This ensures we are giving you the best and safest treatment possible. We will then discuss any questions you may have brought up and then take some before pictures.

During the treatment you may feel some discomfort like a hot snap, which dissipates quickly. The most common side effect is moderate swelling and a slight sunburn feeling. We usually suggest that you sleep slightly elevated and apply cold compresses that evening if needed. Visually you will notice your pigmentation darkening but this will diminish after 7 to 10 days post treatment. As for the redness and capillaries you will see a reduction after each treatment. We recommend 3 to 5 treatments spaced one month apart to get the best results.

Please contact us to book your consultation to if you have any further questions at 613-521-3223 or mailbox@face.ca.

Nancy, Aesthetic Technician

Nancy – Aesthetic Technician

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