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Introducing….XEOMIN® COSMETIC™!


Xeomin® Cosmetic is the newest wrinkle relaxing injectable to temporarily improve the appearance of frown lines. Approved by Health Canada after a proven safety record through extensive research and testing, it has been used in Europe since 2005 and is currently being used in many other countries around the world.

Xeomin® Cosmetic contains botulinum toxin type A that, when injected, can reduce the facial movements that contribute to wrinkle formation giving your face a softer and more refreshed appearance. A Xeomin® Cosmetic treatment is quite fast and simple; the whole process takes only around 10 – 15 minutes using no anaesthetic as the discomfort related to the injection is minimal. Maximum effects with Xeomin® Cosmetic are usually seen within 2 weeks and can last up to 16 weeks; the average interval between treatments is around 3 months. 

For safety reasons, Xeomin® Cosmetic treatments are not recommended during nursing and pregnancy. To see if you are a candidate for this new facial rejuvenating product, contact us today!

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