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Hydroquinone is a drug that has been used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation for over 50 years and is approved in both Canada and the United States. There are different types of pigmentation which are freckles, age or liver spots, melasma, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The causes of these can be genetics, hormones, photodamage, and skin injury.

Hydroquinone, in my opinion, is the best way to treat all of these forms of pigmentation. It gets to the root of the problem and deactivates the over active pigment cells, leaving you with bright, radiant, and healthier looking skin! We only use medical grade hydroquinone in order to give you maximum results. Once you have been prescribed one of our hydroquinone systems, we will follow you through the process with regular follow up appointments.

Don’t hesitate to call and book a consultation with one of our qualified staff and see which skin care system is right for you.

Nancy, Aesthetic Technician

Nancy Laflamme: Aesthetic Technician

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