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Did You Know You Can Diminish Freckles?!

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Freckles are formed by exposure to solar UV-B radiation. This is a form of sun damage that can also be a predetermined hereditary trait. These tiny brown spots can be seen as cute and beautiful, or to some, little unwelcome dots that interrupt a perfect complexion. At the Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa, we use medical grade IPL (Intense…

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Non-Surgical Browlift

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If you are feeling the wrath of gravity has compromised your upper face, dropping the brows and sagging the eyes, but you’re not quite ready to consider cosmetic surgery just yet… A Non-Surgical Browlift may be the perfect “pick me up” treatment for you! The Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa has been receiving positive feedback and experiencing great…

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Aesthetic Treatments

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After meeting with this Client for a Visia Complexion Analysis she decided to start with a non-invasive program to improve the tone and texture of her skin. First off I recommended the Vivier Hyperpigmentation skin care system to help with anti-aging, brightening nourishment and protection.  Then she proceeded with chemical peels (3 to start off with), to exfoliate, making the…

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Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

Exciting New Things Coming Straight From Las Vegas!

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At the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre, we are continually committed to furthering our education to improve our client experience. We regularly pledge our time and energy to gaining new and up to date information on the latest procedures, techniques and product knowledge. Dr. Antoniak, along with Aesthetic Manager Bonnie, Nurse Manager Sheila, Aesthetic Technician Nancy, and Marketing Administrator Christine,…

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Blue eye

Eye Creams: Get in the KNOW!

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We carry 10 different types: Why are they all so different and what is the best choice for you!? When choosing the correct eye cream, it is important to keep in mind consistency, texture, and your skin type which is why we are lucky to have a wide variety of choices to target different concerns. Remember that the delicate, thin skin…

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Palomer Icon Aesthetic System

Wanting to Improve Facial Scars, Wrinkles, or Minimize Large Pores?

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The fractionated Palomar 1540 XD is a medical Laser used to improve acne scars, wrinkling, and textural concerns in the skin. WHO is a good candidate? People who do not have active acne, any skin infections and/or skin disease, and an overall healthy lifestyle to promote good healing. WHAT can I expect during and after treatment? During treatment, the skin…

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