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My First Clear and Brilliant treatment!

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“This morning, I was able to experience my first Clear and Brilliant treatment in the office with Doreen, one of our skilled Medical Aestheticians.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the technology, Clear and Brilliant is a safe, gentle fractional laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out; great for the holiday season or before special events!...
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Frown lines

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FROWN LINES – DYSPORT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE Frown lines are not an attractive facial feature. They can be acquired overtime by habit of expression or even a genetic predisposition at a younger age. These facial forehead lines can cause one to look angry or severe. Dysport is a quick treatment used to temporarily reduce muscle activity at the site,…

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Sun Care = Skin Care

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SUN CARE = SKIN CARE “Dermatologists recognize that the most potent cosmeceutical that can prevent and reverse the signs of aging is sunscreen” (aad.org/public March 2011) Skin protection, SPF … a must year-round, especially important in the spring and summer months when we Canadians come out of hibernation to enjoy the outdoors! One of the pharmaceutical grade lines we carry…

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Packs and Splints after Nose Surgery

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When you go online and read about a Rhinoplasty or a Septoplasty, have you ever noticed that people often complain about two related things, nasal packing and splints? In my experience, it’s one of the most common things that well informed people ask me, “Do you use nasal packing or splints after surgery?” Also, people who had Rhinoplasty surgery typically…

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Vegas Cosmetic Surgery

Exciting New Things Coming Straight From Las Vegas!

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At the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre, we are continually committed to furthering our education to improve our client experience. We regularly pledge our time and energy to gaining new and up to date information on the latest procedures, techniques and product knowledge. Dr. Antoniak, along with Aesthetic Manager Bonnie, Nurse Manager Sheila, Aesthetic Technician Nancy, and Marketing Administrator Christine,…

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Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup

The magic of camouflage makeup!‏

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  Jane Iredale’s skin care makeup amazes once again! With the use if her corrective colour palette, you can make even the darkest of bruising disappear. By combining colours such as peach, yellow and lilac to cancel unwanted tones such as red, blue and purple. To top it off, apply your favourite Jane loose powder & voila!    Nadia –…

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Jane Iredale Cosmetics

New for Spring!

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The Golden Majic Hour Collection from Jane Iredale Cosmetics has arrived! Gold inspiration is  huge for spring as well as seeing tangerine everywhere from clothes to make-up. This new make-up  collection features a lavish array of shimmering colour that gives your skin a  natural radiance and  celebrates the arrival of spring. From the new jelly jar liner to the new lip…

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What Is Hydroquinone?

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Hydroquinone is a drug that has been used for the treatment of hyperpigmentation for over 50 years and is approved in both Canada and the United States. There are different types of pigmentation which are freckles, age or liver spots, melasma, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The causes of these can be genetics, hormones, photodamage, and skin injury. Hydroquinone, in my…

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Blue eye

Eye Creams: Get in the KNOW!

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We carry 10 different types: Why are they all so different and what is the best choice for you!? When choosing the correct eye cream, it is important to keep in mind consistency, texture, and your skin type which is why we are lucky to have a wide variety of choices to target different concerns. Remember that the delicate, thin skin…

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